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Eyes From My Drawings by Patowan Eyes From My Drawings :iconpatowan:Patowan 1 0 APH Nyo North Carolina (OC) by Patowan APH Nyo North Carolina (OC) :iconpatowan:Patowan 2 0 Love is Love (From a play for ELA) by Patowan Love is Love (From a play for ELA) :iconpatowan:Patowan 2 0 Shards of the Universe (Redraw)  by Patowan Shards of the Universe (Redraw) :iconpatowan:Patowan 1 0 Chara (No Lineart) by Patowan Chara (No Lineart) :iconpatowan:Patowan 1 7 Frisk Sketch (For KT) by Patowan Frisk Sketch (For KT) :iconpatowan:Patowan 2 0 Random Character Sketches (Sophie ???) by Patowan Random Character Sketches (Sophie ???) :iconpatowan:Patowan 3 3 FlameClan Cats Redraw by Patowan FlameClan Cats Redraw :iconpatowan:Patowan 3 0 Draw It Again! Meme--FlameClan Cats by Patowan Draw It Again! Meme--FlameClan Cats :iconpatowan:Patowan 1 0 50 WATCHERS!! by Patowan 50 WATCHERS!! :iconpatowan:Patowan 0 3 Nyo!PruCan by Patowan Nyo!PruCan :iconpatowan:Patowan 2 2 Celia Moore and Tulip Midnight Redesigns by Patowan Celia Moore and Tulip Midnight Redesigns :iconpatowan:Patowan 2 1 PruCan (OTP) by Patowan PruCan (OTP) :iconpatowan:Patowan 3 0 .. Welp.  by Patowan .. Welp. :iconpatowan:Patowan 2 6 Quinn (The Bird) by Patowan Quinn (The Bird) :iconpatowan:Patowan 2 0 Myoki Kiss by Patowan Myoki Kiss :iconpatowan:Patowan 1 0


Naiad by TonelDA Naiad :icontonelda:TonelDA 176 21 Natural Blush by AngrySpringOniion Natural Blush :iconangryspringoniion:AngrySpringOniion 2 0 My friend drew Alex by AngrySpringOniion My friend drew Alex :iconangryspringoniion:AngrySpringOniion 5 0 -eRrORr- by AngrySpringOniion -eRrORr- :iconangryspringoniion:AngrySpringOniion 2 0 (Old art) Cousins by AngrySpringOniion (Old art) Cousins :iconangryspringoniion:AngrySpringOniion 6 0 OLD Thomas Sanders Art by AngrySpringOniion OLD Thomas Sanders Art :iconangryspringoniion:AngrySpringOniion 5 0 Runaway Lonnie by AngrySpringOniion Runaway Lonnie :iconangryspringoniion:AngrySpringOniion 8 0 Runaway Lonnie: Maya by AngrySpringOniion Runaway Lonnie: Maya :iconangryspringoniion:AngrySpringOniion 6 0 Runaway Lonnie: Tonya by AngrySpringOniion Runaway Lonnie: Tonya :iconangryspringoniion:AngrySpringOniion 7 0
A Very Short Fairy Tale - Levi x Lord Farquaad
Delicate leaves painted in a golden shade drifted from their place on the tree branch, littering the lush green grass beneath and adding an outstanding colour to the scenery. The sun was lethargic in its setting, giving the sky a marvellous palette of pinks and oranges, perfectly fitting the golden autumn season.
Levi stared out the immaculately spotless window, admiring the environment just outside his castle. Never had Levi thought that he would ever witness beauty such as this, never did he think that his life outside of the Walls would be quite so beautiful. He ever so gently placed a hand to the glass, silently thanking the Gods that blessed him with such luck.
“Today’s the day…” he sighed contentedly, his thoughts whirring but only focusing on one single person.
Lord Farquaad.
The man who stole the former Corporal’s heart was the very man he would be marrying today. Levi was anxious, his heart fluttered as it was lifted on golden wings. Just the ver
:iconwhat-the-honk:what-the-honk 225 280
Art Vs Artist by prettyoddchild Art Vs Artist :iconprettyoddchild:prettyoddchild 20 3 Stevonnie by prettyoddchild Stevonnie :iconprettyoddchild:prettyoddchild 26 0 Smoky Quartz by prettyoddchild Smoky Quartz :iconprettyoddchild:prettyoddchild 32 0 fairly odd deathnote by prettyoddchild fairly odd deathnote :iconprettyoddchild:prettyoddchild 165 73 AmazingPhil as an anime character by Meranthi2768 AmazingPhil as an anime character :iconmeranthi2768:Meranthi2768 1 1 Meranthi And Misty When They First Kissed by Meranthi2768 Meranthi And Misty When They First Kissed :iconmeranthi2768:Meranthi2768 1 0



Eyes From My Drawings
Sorry about how little I've been posting, I haven't had the motivation, inspiration, or time to do much lately, though I somehow managed this. There's at least 300, probably closer to 400, eyes, one of my eyes from a photo, and one thing that isn't an eye. I don't really know why I made this, I have a bunch of classwork and other things I should have been doing instead.. Oops, oh well. Also, these are from a pretty wide range of dates, I think the oldest one is from 3rd or 4th grade, and the most recent is from a few days ago.
I'll get around to putting some of my stuff from art class on here as soon as I can.
APH Nyo North Carolina (OC)
I made another blog on tumblr.. Oops. 
The reason that he's nyo instead of normal is because the group already had a female NC, and I'd already made him when I realized it. Made him a trans guy because why the heck not.
i'm really bad at getting out of unhealthy relationships
platonic and romantic
i have really bad judgement jeez
but i can't really just stop being friends with her
Love is Love (From a play for ELA)
Scene from a play I had to write for ELA earlier this year because hey, I'm not dead! I still exist and draw I swear
Characters are, from left to right:
Alice, Piper, (temporary names) Raine, and Dakota (this was from before I was out at school oops)
I'm working on a no lineart digital version, and I've colored it traditionally, though I'm probably not going to post it, since I don't like the way it turned out that much.
I've been meaning to say something for a while now, but my mental state is pretty much going back to exactly the way it used to be, and I'm most likely not going to be on much, if at all. If you really need to talk to me, I'll probably see notes eventually.


Patowan's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Other
United States

I'm an extremely strange and very awkward person who's currently (trying to, anyway) learning to draw anime.. It's not completely working, though.
I'm obsessed with PJO/HoO, Voltron, Hetalia, Warriors, and Harry Potter, Hamilton, and a bunch of other stuff, those are just the fandoms I've actually interacted with.
Basically all I do is draw, write, read Hetalia fanfics, and roleplay
I have no life xD
Also, I get artist's block a lot, and tend to randomly become inactive for a while..


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Thanks for the :+fav:! :D
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You have a very lovely gallery, yo, keep up the great work ^u^

And I thank ye kindly for the watch, tho I don't post all that often on here anymore. I post a lot on my tumblr, tho ouo
Patowan Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2017  Student Artist
And I'll go follow your Tumblr, your art is great, and it was awesome to finally find someone else who has nb headcanons for Frisk!
Tearahk Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Aww, thank you! ^u^
You'll be surprised how many NB Frisk and Chara's there are out there. ^u^
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thank you for the watch 

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And yay it's always so hard to find other Hetalians
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Italy Stops Romano (Huggy) [V1] 
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